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How do I study for IBPS PO 2018 Computer Awareness?

Computer section of IBPS PO is generally considered an easy topic to increase your overall cutoff but can be mind-boggling for those who haven’t studied it in school or college. 

How do I study for IBPS PO 2017 Computer Awareness?
The best thing about computers is that it can be learnt in a very short time. To prepare for it, you can use various books available in the market or can download any pdf from the internet.

Once you read, the book or pdf thoroughly, which generally takes 4–5 days, the main thing is to retain the knowledge gained and for that, the best option is to attempt mini quizzes and questions that are provided by various websites free of cost. One of them is Get prepared for your dreams. Websites like these help you a lot in utilizing the info you gained. Attempt as many quizzes as you can, don't worry about the scores. You will notice your scores increasing daily and hence you will be prepared for not just IBPS PO but any exam that includes computers.

We are providing free link for IBPS and SBI PO/clerk exam-
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